Double 80th Birthday Celebrations

How far into the future do you think about? Do you have a 5/10 year plan? Or do you live your life in the most spontaneous manner possible?

Each of these applies to me on some scale, however, last night I realised that a future plan (beyond 5 years) is the most special kind of plan for me.

Last night my family and I held a surprise 80th for my Gran and Great Aunt Mariam. The occasion was not like any other family event, it was special beyond its years. This is a toss-up between my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary in 2006.

The room was filled with immediate/distant family and friends which both women are extremely close and including some of who they had not seen in several years. Guests travelled far to come to the special day and within that moment I realised I want to have a family legacy like this.

Over 50 years ago my Grandparents came over from Jamaica, in my eyes, their story is greater than Romeo and Juliette and they live like a modern-day King and Queen Beyonce and Jay Z. They have been married for 57 years now and through their children, they have 19 grandchildren and 12 great-granchildren. It’s beautiful to think that two people have remained married and in love for so long but furthermore have created such a beautiful big family which still continues to grow.

Reaching 80 is a milestone alone but to have achieved so much in your life fulfils what you are put on this earth for. Not everyone will be a world astounding actress, model, singer or find a cure for cancer. Some of us may go down in worldwide history but if you can leave a family legacy and be adorned and touch so many hearts in your life what more do you really want?

While the speeches were being conducted I frantically held back from tears. Watching my Mother, Aunts, Uncles and strangers speak the kindest words of the women who have profoundly shaped me and given me so much inspiration in my life. The moment was picture-perfect, like something from classic movie. Some of your proudest and most joyous moments are made from memories like this.

On this note, I want to wish both my Aunt and Gran a happy 80th even though they not read this (but my Gran did receive a kindle so…) a very happy birthday and may God bless them with many more years to come.


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