I’m Georgina, a 20 something-year-old writer based in London. If you didn’t guess already, I’m obsessed with all things travel, theatre & lifestyle related!

Growing up I spent hours buried in books (with my favourite author as a child being Jacqueline Wilson), which fueled my curiosity to read more, learn about the world and ultimately kick-started my journey and love for writing. During my school years, I was captivated throughout my English lessons and spent a lot of my pastime writing short stories (looking back now are cringe but interesting). My love for linguistics developed into another passion of mine, theatre. A hobby that stemmed from me attending weekend classes when I was young and then continued into my teenage years.

Despite not travelling extensively throughout my childhood, I was always curious and wanted to explore the world more. My childhood was far from a dull one, yet once I caught the travel bug it never left. My first trip abroad (without family) was when I was 18, to Berlin on a Sociology trip and the adrenaline rush to jump on a plane for x amount of days hasn’t left me since.

5 random things about me:

  • I’m obsessed with karaoke
  • I hate ketchup and mayonnaise
  • My favourite number is 3
  • I played the violin until the age of 12
  • I took Spanish as a GCSE

I created my blog as a platform to share my experiences and opinions about all the things I have a passion for in an honest and unbias manner. To inspire and provide knowledge to whoever may want or need it, particularly within the travel and theatre industry to dispel myths and assumptions. I aim to open people’s mind regarding the world of travel and theatre so that people feel empowered to book and attend shows, travel and occupy spaces they may have felt were not for them (which isn’t true). Whether it is learning about new cultures, tips on things to do in a city you’re considering or maybe just a guide to what’s currently showing in theatre’s that aren’t in the West End.