Outfit Pleaser or Teaser?

There’s more to an image than what meets the eye. One of the first things that can be captured in a picture is confidence and how the person carries. It’s a catch 22 situation that women in the 21st century face every single day. Being labelled a certain way because of how they dress, but can we really prevent it?

A ‘typical’ night out involves the usual pampering routine: hair, makeup, several outfit changes – generally making sure you look your absolute best. Everyone has a different style so some may opt for a traditional little black dress or quirk it up with a new look to try and stand out from the crowd, but what makes a slut? Do sluts really exist?

Personally, I think it is more than what a woman wears and generally how someone comes across but to address the matter first, what you wear can and most likely always will draw attention to yourself – some good and some bad. Many people say that women do not dress to please men, and dress for their own sanity however I believe there is only a certain truth behind this. Being a young woman myself I tend to wear things I feel comfortable in to look good, this does not mean I want to attract attention from the opposite sex but I want to look a certain way without being negatively labelled.

Secondly, everyone has a different agenda. There are genuinely some women out there who go out on nights to attract male attention. It’s not illegal, and nothing to frown upon. Why shouldn’t a girl be able to make her goal of a night out to find a guy? It’s commonly seen among men, especially within television programmes. As long as you know your goal for the night there’s nothing wrong but getting off with as many men as possible and going home with a different one every week can certainly land you a negative nickname – we are females and yes are more likely to be judged whether you like it or not!

Although several people may say ‘I don’t care what anyone thinks about me’ once again there is only a small amount of truth to that statement as once in our lives we all care even a tiny bit if it’s something that strange comments on. It’s a hard balance to come across within our society but can be done.

As centuries go by women can fight for equality as much as they want, and yes believe it or not I’m a female but we need to realise that there will never be REAL and TRUE equality. Within institutions, this may be possible and under certain laws, this is deemed achievable but within society, this may not be the case.

Out looking for love, or just a good time? Either way, understand that sometimes you may receive negative or skatty looks from strangers (maybe even your “friends”) but it all depends on how you carry yourself.


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