London’s Mayor is… Muslim!

Thursday 5th May 2016 was dubbed ‘Super Thursday’ with elections across the UK:

– Scottish Parliament
– Welsh Assembly
– Northern Ireland Assembly
– Local council elections in England
– Mayor of London and London assembly

My main focus was local council election in England and Mayor of London. I was excited to vote, like I usually am (despite this my third time being eligible) as my polling station was a convenient 2-3 minute walk, on my and on my way to work I decided to vote on my way to work as it was early morning do it in the morning to avoid any possible queues. I was welcomed by warm and friendly faces where small chat was engaged. I don’t know what exactly deters people about the voting process. I which I find highly frustrating with the poor excuses people provide when they say they didn’t vote.

I’ve always seen myself as an advocate for people to vote, in particular those under 30. I hate when I see people moan about situations and the state of our country but don’t even bother to attempt to change it and have their input (and moan for the next 4 years). Polling stations are open from 7am – 10pm, so I struggle to understand how you can’t manage to squeeze 5 minutes into your schedule – but feel free to continue to complain about how your voices won’t be heard. I believe there is a long way to go to gain trust between MPs and young people, but voting could be a nice way to start.

Some may argue that these elections don’t matter, which I think is ludicrous. As entertaining of a character Bojo, my support for him faded around the same time he decided to purchase water tank (which he’s been refused permission to use) However the straw that broke my back, was his introduction of paying to see London’s iconic firework display at Westminster. As small of a matter this may sound to some, it infuriated me to know that you would have to pay £10pp to attend an event that was previously free. Besides, I believe New Year’s is a time of celebration and should be enjoyed by all without having to be segregated by the issue of money. Some of my teenage years I spent visiting the firework display, but moving on there’s more reasons why Boris Johnson’s time was coming to an end, so Sadiq’s arrival can’t come at a better time I believe.

I’ve been an avid Labour supporter from the age of 15/16 when I first started to take an interest in politics. There is something about Sadiq Khan which excited me about him, when he announced to be in the running for the Mayoral elections. Although Boris Johnson, wasted British time and money on water tanks (I don’t know why I can’t get over this sorry)


When I found out that Sadiq Khan had won, I was excited. Not just because I knew my vote made a difference, but excited for the change he was about to bring to London. A small factor of this was obviously because Boris Johnson is a conservative man. Some may not be as optimist as myself but Mr Khan seems like the type of man to get straight down to business. However, my happiness and excitement quickly turned to confusion and pure embarrassment when I read the comment which followed underneath Sky New’s tweet commenting on Sadiq Khan’s faith. So London’s mayor is Muslim, how will this affect London as we know it. The answer is simple – it won’t – and that’s when the naivety switch in my brain had just been turned back off. How silly of me to forget about his faith. I mean, it’s going to change so much right? For the whole time he was running I completely forget to mention the colour of his skin and the faith he chooses to follow with his own rights. But then again, I’m British.

I wish Londoners, in fact I wish British people would stop picking and choosing when we are a nation that is ‘diverse’ and ‘multi-cultural’. Why is it so difficult to see people for their values and what they can offer to our country. Whether you like it or not London is deemed such a beautiful city for it’s because technicolour of people and mind sets, yet it quickly turns into an ugly place to be when people quickly are fixated on skin colour and religion. Lets not forget, to some Sadiq Khan being elected as London Mayor is a huge huge achievement and milestone in British politics and that is something I will celebrate, nonetheless I voted for the man because of his policies, attitude and beliefs. So unless Sadiq Khan personally does not live up to the expectations Labour voters have of him, and does not deliver and manages to frustrate us by buying more water tanks then there is nothing to be discussed expect the fact London now has a new (labour) mayor!

(PS. 23 June, EU Referendum – your vote will definitely make a difference!)

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