Feelin’ 22..

It may not be an exciting age to some, although I lived my dream of visiting Disneyland Paris for my 21st, I’ve realised each year is another blessing of life so why not enjoy it no mater what age you are!

(In the words of Taylor Swift.. I don’t know about you but I’m feelin’ TWENTY-TWO!)


Tuesday 3rd November:

As a huge theatre lover, I’ve always wanted to see the Andrew Lloyd Weber production of Cats for ages! When I heard the original run date had been extended I dropped as many hints to everyone I knew. I spent the evening with my sisters at the London Palladium.

The production was… well, very interesting! I had no idea what to expect but I was captivated from the beginning throughout.

Oh and how can I forget, I had my own choir of people singing happy birthday to me at Oxford Circus station which was cute, whoever you commuters were thanks, hopefully you’ll be at X Factor next year as the harmonies were amazing!






Blouse: Topshop

Jeans: Firetrap

Shoes: New Look


Wednesday 4th November:

My first trip to Leeds was for 20th annual anniversary for the MOBO Awards. It was so cool watching the MOBO’s live and definitely a different perspective from watching it on TV.

After the show theres always an after party, this was definitely a way to celebrate turning 22!





Friday 5th November;

It took me a while to actually decide what I wanted to do so I figured the best thing was something simple with family and friends. After days and weeks of searching for a non-chinese based restaurant with a reasonable minimum spend/private room hire fee, oh and karaoke, I stumbled across a lovely Italian based restaurant called Brazen Monkey in Piccadilly.

The service was fantastic considering we were belting songs straight after each other, there were obvious incidents of mic hogging and classic duets sung.




Jumpsuit: Missguided

Shoes: Missguided



*Hummingbird Red Velvet Cake 🙂

…I had another cake made by the wonderful ‘Make It With Fifi’ although I didn’t get a picture of it was a delicious 8″ triple chocolate cake!

Thankyou for everyone who celebrated with me… until next year!



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