Graduation Day (it’s finally here!)

It’s the day you spend three years (or more) waiting for, a day filled with mixed emotions (but mostly good!)

What happens next? If you managed to secure your graduate job before your actual graduation date, the next steps might not seem as daunting for you. If not, no worries as the journey is still just beginning it’s just the end goal isn’t as clear yet.

I was sat around the kitchen table in my flat as I read the date for my graduation: Saturday 11th July 2015. I was happy and sad at the same time, as it was the day of my brother’s 18th birthday and although it sounds pathetic to some, it was a big deal to me. As someone who believes birthdays are a special day, I felt as if I was taking something away from my brother. After speaking to him he was rather excited to be spending the day at my Graduation Ceremony in Leicester (basically a birthday adventure!)

Luckily I managed to get five tickets for all of my immediate family, for the ‘big’ day. What was I going to wear? How will I have my hair? What if I trip up? The number of crazy thoughts that run across your mind is insane. Finally holding your official degree certificate is one of the first moments when it all begins to sink in.

So, to anyone currently in University or possibly going this September. Remember it can easily be the best days of your life or the worst. You’ll learn loads about yourself and other people too, but never forget who you are and what you went to University to achieve!


10 girls standing in a line in traditional cap and gown, black robes and orange colours with eight out of ten girls wearing white shoes and two wear black shoes

Congratulations Class of 2015 – good luck with your future ventures and careers! Want more? Read about the Vicious Cycle of University Fees.


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