Kevin Hart: What Now Tour

 Sunday 17th January 2016

This was my first time seeing Kevin Hart so I was pretty excited.

I’m a fan of Kevin Hart’s work and ethic and I can see why he has got so far in his career.

There was a strict policy of recording devices which meant no live tweeting, pictures or in fact having your phone out in the eye sight of any of the security. Despite this being drilled into everyone for about 1052016 times some people were taken out of the venue for violating these rules.

The supporting acts were really good (Plastic Cup Boyz) and although I can’t remember all of their names they kept the crowd engaged and going all throughout. Usually I get bored of certain supporting acts but this was far from the case with these guys.

Despite, not being allowed to snap or video anything I found this quite refreshing since I could actually sit and take in everything – Kevin had me in stitches and I’m sure I had actual tears rolling out of my eyes from laughter. I can say it was money well spent.

If you didn’t get tickets fear not, the “What Now Tour” is being made into a movie so expect laughter coming to a screen near you!


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