Jekyll and Hyde

Who runs the world? GIRLS!

National Youth Theatre simply have an incredible reputation for not just bringing theatre to life, but knowing how to adapt each character in a unique and believable manner. This is what theatre is about on the other hand, it’s playing a character.

Harriet Jekyll / Flossie Hyde played by Elizabeth McCafferty has an incredible charming and conveys the typical English rose. We got to follow around the wife of deceased Doctor Henry and her mission and fighting battle between Harriet and Flossie. There was no shortage of violence, and definitely not a recommended production for those squimish or of the fainthearted.

The beginning of the second half is confusing (to begin with) though I preferred the slow introduction to Florence who seemed to be the modern day activist. Though it drums in the lack of voice that women in the Victorian period have, it is up to you to think of yourself if much has changed since almost 100 years of the vote. It’s hard to comprehend how someone like Florence is capable of pulling of such a strategic plan.

It’s rare to come across a production where several themes and topics are covered while maintaining different levels of humour, satire and seriousness. Though I believe the hidden message which is touched upon in a clever manner in the second half is how important the things we do/say online. Who is out there watching? In today’s society, the definition of a role model is thin and with anyone able to create his or her own platform, we need to be more certain what battles we chose to fight especially as a generation hoping to make a positive impact.

Grab anyone you can and book a ticket to see Jekyll and Hyde before it ends. Selected dates available at the Ambassador Theatre until 8 December.

Photo: Nobby Clark

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