Dear Teenage Self

As I look back at you I realise how much fun you were having being a moany, bitchy, annoying teenager but my gosh you’re an incredible friend – so don’t change.

Maybe you should stop moaning as much because let’s face it you aren’t even 18 yet and your biggest decisions in life have probably been what to wear and where to go out to eat. Though some of these traits don’t leave you as you struggle to decide what to eat out of pure choice. You haven’t realised how lucky you are yet, or maybe you have? I don’t know, I sometimes forget how developed your mind is even though you have your childish moments – which shouldn’t be knocked as you’re still just a child. Nonetheless, nothing has changed there. Please try not to worry about grown-up situations, because another thing we need to understand is that you aren’t a grown-up so don’t you worry about situations that are above your pay grade.

Your life is pretty fun and relaxed. A-Levels might upset you through the stress and deciding whether these options are really for you, but you’re about to meet some long life friends and you’ve got good people around you. You’ve always been a good judge of character but don’t be too harsh on people. You aren’t perfect, but here’s a secret (you and nobody else ever will be), you have so much freedom which believe me a lot of people your age are dying to have.

Keep taking photos and videos – every moment deserves to be captured so you can remember just how fun everything is. Dress for comfortability and not for fashion – although fashion comes back on itself don’t worry too much if you don’t have Beyonce’s figure (you still don’t in 2019) but trust me the moments of confidence come and you it’s up to you to stay in control and never let anybody make you feel any less.

Oh, how I wish you knew that you don’t actually know everything.
Think about your life now.
Is it really that bad?
What would tell your teenage self?


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