I’m back and I’m better…

I’ve spent so long trying to think of the perfect way to ‘rebrand’ this blog. I became so fixated and caught up on trying to think of my first ‘proper’ post. I wanted something that would have the WOW factor, and be inspirational at the same time. Nothing came into mind except typical writer’s block, but I promised I wouldn’t delay further than February again. I’d missed a lot of blogging from 2016, with no real reason why.

One thing for sure. I am back. Back to writing, but fewer limitations and holding back. Everyone who knows me (and I mean really knows me) will know I’m not a person who holds back. I say what’s on my mind, whatever and however I seem fit. So I promise from now on all my blogs will have this exact tone, attitude and will be straight from the mind. I guess I was worried a lot about how I would be perceived by others. I then realised that I can’t control what people will think of me so it makes no sense.

One of the problems I found while I was blogging was how to decide what to share, and when. As a writer, it’s so easy to dictate how much you put out there, how much you leave open to the interpretation of others. Do you allow room for others to make up their mind about you or feed them everything? (Which still leads people to make up their own decisions). Once I’d learnt to let go of this I think I fell back in love with writing.

This post, for example, there isn’t a particular audience I’m trying to reach it’s just my way of saying “I’m back and I’m better”. I’ve got some exciting posts that I want to share, and others I’m pretty nervous about. Yet, I know this is the only way to challenge myself as a writer and help my blog to grow. I love to look back on old photos, videos and sometimes even messages to see how I’ve overcome situations and grown as a person and it’s safe to say I always end up smiling so I guess not everything I’m doing is wrong.

Anyways, thanks for the patience. (Read my 2016 thoughts to future me in Dear 2017)

G xo


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