Houston Hotspots

Surely you’ve heard that everything is bigger in Texas? Well believe me it’s true. Texas aka the Lone State is a neighbouring southern state of Louisiana and although the two can’t fairly be compared (particularly after experiencing Mardi Gras), it’s worth visiting Beyonce’s hometown to receive the southern hospitality and cultural experience. 

From massive roads to massive lunches I found myself frequently comparing every meal to the ‘standard’ meals I receive back at home in the UK or to the size of my malteaser head.

Where to eat?

  • Cheesecake Factory – an unpopular choice if you’re after an authentic dish not from a franchised restaurant but the menu offers everything from pasta to steak so truly something for everyone. The branch I visited was located inside the Galleria Mall (which has an ice rink inside). If you’re out for a day/afternoon of shopping I’d definitely pop by for something to eat (even if it’s just for their infamous deserts!)
  • Turkey Leg Hut – without the help of locals I would’ve never came across this place. When you think of Turkey you usually think of Christmas right? Well, Turkey Leg Hut is a whole different experience. The Turkey no doubt will be the most flavoursome Turkey meat you have in your life. The spices are great and apparently the atmosphere is second to none however my experience was unfortunately tainted due to poor customer service enhanced by an excessive waiting period. The portion sizes are massive (some may say too big) but I’d say great for the value of money.
  • What’s a trip to America without chicken and fluffy waffles? The Breakfast Klub has you covered (especially for those post-club cravings). A basic dish to some but the menu varies to include pancakes, French toast, sandwiches, pork chops, eggs, grits and more. Definitely an affordable place to visit for any simple and fussy eaters.
  • I’m giving Neyow’s Creole Café a notable mention purely as it was recommended by a local. The menu indicates it’s reputation for authentic creole comfort food.

Where to go?

Culture needs to be respected wherever you go on your travels. Regardless on your opinions strip clubs are part of the American culture.

Whatever your opinions on strip clubs are they’re part of American culture. My only advice is to be respectful and leave all judgement at home. Strip clubs are a form of entertainment for people who chose to go and they also provide some of the best wings!