Greeking Out: Birthday in Lockdown

Spending my birthday abroad gave me some clarity and escapism. In Greece, the rules were clear as day, wear your mask at all times. With mainland Greece and Greek islands both on the travel list it quickly became an attractive destination for my quick five day escape out of the UK.

At the time of booking, requirements were that all travellers needed to fill out a PHC form at least 72 hours before. This form then produced a QR code up to 24 hours before that would determine whether you would be selected randomly for a coronavirus test.

Sunday 1 November.

We arrived in Athens around 1 pm and our transfer picked us up shortly after. One tip I’ll always recommend is to book transfers in advance, I used Get Transfer which is a great website that provides different quotes based on your needs. The drive was around 40 minutes to the accommodation as I had opted to stay outside of the city centre in an area called Alimos. This decision for me proved to be a great one as we were located right by the beach with incredible views.

Monday 2 November

Dress from Missguided.

Tuesday 3 November

Wednesday 4 November

Thursday 5 November


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