Consensual at Soho Theatre

Trigger warning: this production includes strong themes, discussions of consent and sexual assault.

In every theatre production, there is a strong message to learn. Some plays can trigger thoughts and feelings, while others can shed light on a situation you may have never thought about before.


noun 1. permission for something to happen or agreement to do something

verb 1. give permission for something to happen

In 2018 understanding the basic meaning of consent is something not to be taken for granted. National Youth Theatre doesn’t shy away from a topic which in the current #MeToo movement era is prominent. Themes of sexual consent, rape, inappropriate behaviour and grooming are all touched upon on. Though some scenes due to the natural can be uncomfortable but highlight the reality of the topic being discussed. By the final scenes, audiences are able to learn what really happened between Diane and her pupil Freddie who at the time was 15 years old of the alleged incident.

The cast were all outstanding and did an outstanding performance without it being over-dramatised. Every action and word spoken felt understandable and easily justifiable in reactions even if you did not agree. Again, Fred Hughes-Stanton (Freddie) and Marilyn Nnadebe (Diane) both relayed an important and potent message through their performances. Relaying the idea that there are no ‘obvious’ signs when it comes to consent and grooming. Highlighting the importance of speaking about these themes I hope this production tours, particularly within schools and make the conversation more apparent and visible so that people speak openly without fear of judgement and can raise awareness.

Runs until 9 November at Soho Theatre.

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Image © Helen Murray

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